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Here are the drawings from my friends and the ones I watch! <3

Iron Tail - Good Job by DestructionSeries Don Eagle is here by DestructionSeries


Also, allowing Monster Hunter to go online BEYOND local is the best thing ever - no more having to spend real money to treat friends in a hunting get-together!
Started playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. This... This is why I procrastinate. I had to choose between doing something meaningful in real life... or go online with friends to SLAY A FREAKING RATHALOS WITH A HUGE FREAKING SWORD.

I'm only human!
Hello from Malaysia!

... also, yes, I am in Malaysia for a week!
A little late but Happy New Year!
Other characters currently under 'development':
(1) An anti-villain who hates both Iron Tail and Evil Tail for turning his beloved country into their 'playground';
(2) A revamped version of Iron Claw;
(3) A 'Hero' character who's in it for the fame;
(4) A neutral being who rules a separate dimension (inspired by Feist, from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog).
As always, I can't promise if I'll ever make a return to DA anytime soon. A lot of responsibilities have been entrusted to me thus far and I don't want to disappoint people. And my god my phone has been receiving the most messages since... well... ever! What...? To me, that's an achievement.

Granted they're mostly work-related :iconforeveraloneplz:

But I figured I'd share with some of you some ideas that's been lingering in my head for a while. First, let's start off with the characters/stories most of you have come to know me for:

  • Iron Tail (The Hero)
   Someone (whose name I will keep anonymous for now until he says otherwise) has been talking to me about Iron Tail in recent weeks, but instead of just asking me for everything this one actually brought suggestions/ideas along with him, and I gotta say it made me interested in my own character again (funny how that works). The one who I CAN mention is BlazeDriver, who had this intriguing idea of putting Iron Tail in his own story where he's like, the only innocent character around. Sadly I think that idea was cancelled before I had the chance to get too into it, but I like the concept. I've always said that the story of Iron Tail is a light-hearted one (and it can still be), but what use is a Hero if there's not a lot of conflict in the world?

  • Crest the Iron Maiden (The Hero's Mentor)
   Due to criticisms based on both sexuality and apparently oppressions to women (I know, but it happened), I have decided to make changes to Iron Tail's mentor, the former 'Ashes Darkmare' - that, and among other personal reasons. To make it easier for myself, I've decided to just remove the character and replace her with one of my own. Fortunately, everything about the character except for name and design was made by me so you won't see a lot of differences in, say, personality, history, and concept. She will still be the 'Mother-turned-Fighter' character, but with more freedom I've decided that she'll be someone with traditional beliefs (one of the things she will teach Iron Tail, for example, is how she believes it's more polite to point at someone with the thumb - it's something a tradition of mine believes, actually).

  • ??? (The Evil Twin)

   And in turn I must make changes to her sister - formerly Sehsa Nightmare - as well, who didn't have as much share of criticism but, you know, they're sisters. Same case, however: aside from name and design, she can still be the same character you all know her. Buuut with one major difference in her backstory: I've mentioned that she killed Ashes' former lover out of both jealousy and insanity, but now I've decided that she merely attacked him. Well, 'attacked' as in 'incapacitated'... as in she cut off his half of one his arms.

  • Iron Claw

    Aaaaand that person was Iron Claw. The 'Iron Claw' monicker is actually referencing to his prosthetic forearm. In his initial design, he just wore gauntlets, but I figured it'd be cooler to take one of his forearms off. He will still be one of the more powerful fighters in the story, which says a lot about his skills despite the missing limb.

  • Gem (The Best Friend)

    I like the character, I really do, but I've been absent for so long that I don't really feel right keeping her around in the story while the original creator can do so much more with her in her own. So at the moment I'm trying to create a character that can take her place. Not much difference will be made aside from name, design and some bits of her personality though. That, and the flying cat will be missing. We shall miss you, Mushi (... which I believe was its name).


As for other characters, I haven't decided on which ones will stay and which ones will go; I've seen so many of my friends here moving on to bigger arts that these kind of changes will be inevitable. It will not affect anyone in a big way, but it does help the others who are still interested. That, and I've 'buried the hatchet' with some others who I've had altercations with and may be thinking of bringing some of their characters back into the story.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What kind of person I am, I would have to go with what one friend of mine described me:

"A good guy when he needs to be; a harsh guy when necessary."

My little rule is simple: respect what I do, and I'll respect you back. I can be harsh sometimes, but rarely do I have any ill intentions behind it.

I'm an active online RolePlayer (RPer) who RPs for the sake of story and development, so I tend to be picky who my roleplaying partners are (usually aiming for the ones who can provide a memorable session or a style that fits with mine). I RP in various mediums, but most especially IRC since I can write as much as I want there. Also, I'm also a vivid gamer, and more often than not will go on maaaaaaany days of hiatus to focus on a game!

... because I'm the type of guy who can only focus on one thing at a time if I want to give 100% <_<;;

Oh, I'm also subjective to ideas/inspirations that pop right out of nowhere.

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