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Here are the drawings from my friends and the ones I watch! <3

Iron Tail - Good Job by DestructionSeries Don Eagle is here by DestructionSeries


Well, I just wanted to say something.

I know a lot of you people think I'm still dead and given how inactive I've been due to focusing more on working and other things, you're not wrong. This isn't me announcing my 'big return' or anything, but I'd just like to share something with you: I don't think I'll be doing much on the Sonic Fandom anytime soon.

That's not to say that I don't like the series anymore though!

It's just that yesterday marked the last day of me RPing Solar the Hedgehog in an IRC RP Channel called 'Land of Mobius' (I won't reveal the server it's in or the actual channel name it goes with here though). But I want to make one thing clear: I did some very bad things in another Sonic-related RP. I didn't like how they did things and as far as I can currently recall: I was extremely vocal and I left on very bad terms with them. I won't deny it and I'm not asking any of you to try to find reason how I could be 'right', but I considered myself pretty lucky.

You could say I found a good replacement in the 'rebound', per say.

I left the RP, and after a week or two of searching, I found myself in another Sonic-related channel. But at that time I was a lot more cautious, and I actually told the 10+ players in Land of Mobius that I was prone to fits if I see something I find very wrong (like fetish, inconsistent story telling, etc.). Needless to say I've put myself on a bad spot on my first try, but I'm not sure what is true here: either they were the most understandable lot I've met online, or we just had great chemistry together.

Sure I had arguments with some players, but in the end things turned out better than I probably deserved. I had fun, and I had some laughs over the way someone played their OC (damn it, I respect ya, Brolo8), and I was able to spend RPing these past several months with genuine enthusiasm. In that RP, I've played my FC Solar the Hedgehog (I wanted Bean and Bark, but two others already took them). Couldn't find time to play any other characters aside from NPCs at some times.

It started slow, but my god I'd be lying if I had said it wasn't worth it. Sure, they used some curse words in the RP - something the characters probably would never do in their actual media - but the way one person RPed Sonic made me care again. Sonic was still a jerk, but the guy who RPed him made it a habit to 'sell' the other characters he met. This is just me being selfish here, but he made Solar sound like a beast in battle - it was one of the only times someone else guided me how the battle should go instead of the other way around (also she's like one of the only people I know online who actually RPs Sonic in his teenage years. Bizarre if you think about it).

And sure, things didn't go as I had planned, but these were the accomplishments I've made:

- Solar and Sonic battled each other, with Solar winning first because Sonic was not prepared for him. Then Sonic kicked Solar's butt by first having his 'Freedom Fighters' fight off Eggman's Eggbots (Solar was working for Eggman at that time) and then literally spindashed Solar through a wall. The guy calls it a fair trade because he actually wanted Solar to win the first time.

- Solar kind of became Eggman's main right hand (sorry, there was no one who wanted to play Snively), but his job is just to keep Sonic busy while he continues with his plans. Needless to say, sometimes Solar succeeded, most times Sonic outwitted him. But i had fun playing out Solar's frustration and obsession over beating Sonic. In a way, he was like the Scratch and Grounder to Sonic, except he actually puts up a fight.

- With help from another person's FC, Solar broke free from Eggman, who wanted to roboticize him (part of a storyline, people), and was taken in to become a Freedom Fighter. This was where things got fun for me: Solar was ALWAYS trying to usurp Sonic's position as the leader (also, Sally Acorn was not here) and it eventually led to him leaving the group, but he was joined by another FC who believed Solar was right.

- A month later, I think (irl time), I've actually got Solar to lead his own group. You all remember the plan I had for Solar to make a group called 'The Outcasts' (not the music group)? Yep, it happened. Though my work irl took me away several times, I had fun because one person kept bringing in X-Men influences into the thing, which was my initial inspiration for the group. Then I was gone for around a whole month because of work.

- But The Outcasts was great because everyone seemed to want to do something with it, and it got bigger than any of us thought it would. They fought the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, the Destructix, and others (note that not every member of either of these groups were present because no one wanted to play them), but it just sounded awesome in writing. But my most favorite moment was this: Sonic vs Shadow vs Silver vs Solar vs Metal Sonic vs Scourge. My god, I was pushing for that for so long that I smiled when it eventually happened. Sonic and Scourge were the last two hedgehogs standing though.

- Sadly things mellowed down somewhat after that. Some of us had work, some of us had college. Solar got paired up with another FC (because ONE of us thought that since Solar was like Vegeta he should end up with someone like Bulma. Thank you, ANTR), and his rivalry with Sonic had subsided because Sonic was too busy with other things. And since i knew my work would get in the way a lot more now that I have bigger responsibilities, I wanted to write Solar off in one last storyline.

- That was just Solar leaving The Outcasts and putting someone else in charge, because he wanted to train and get stronger so he could one day prove that he's the best fighter in all of Mobius. Cheesy, I know, but there wasn't much we could think of that would explain his absence. Of course, my RP mates told me that we could always think of something if I ever get the chance to come back.

So year, all that happened in... say... almost a year? So now I am satisfied because I think there's nothing left for me to do with Solar in any RP, and since I'm going out of RPing the fandom I might as well apologize to the people I feel I've actually wronged. I don't expect them to respond here though, but that's all good. I do consider myself lucky for finding a good RP Channel, but I do regret what I did elsewhere.

So to those I've wronged: I'm sorry. That includes the people I've gotten angry at for 'betraying my trust', even though it's not necessarily RP-related.

I'm satisfied, and I have everyone in Land of Mobius to thank. If any of you ever come across the RP in IRC after reading this, just tell the OP there that 'DashingEagle' mentioned ya.

Shut up, I liked the name.
Kay Planer and Teppo by FazzEagle
Kay Planer and Teppo
Omg, Fazz is alive!

Yes, I am - just not enough to be active again on DA.

BUT, I have been writing a Pokemon Fanfiction outside of DA during my free time recently, where the main characters are two new FCs of mine: Kay Planer (Trainer) and Teppo (Emboar). I'm sure some - if not just a few - of you remember that my main Pokemon Trainer FC is Dash Triumph, but aside from his name I didn't feel like he or his Pokemon stand out too much.

So enter Kay Planer and her mighty Emboar, Teppo.

But first, a little summary of the setting of my fanfiction: the characters don't go on any Pokemon Journey and being a Pokemon Trainer requires a license. However, the Trainer License is specifically for individuals who wish to participate in Pokemon Battling, which in my fanfic is considered a popular competitive sport (you know, kind of like football, boxing, wrestling, etc.). The maximum number of Pokemon you can carry to battle is three (a nod to the Online Battles in the games), but that's for top ranked Trainers.
The main character is a girl named Kay Planer, who normally doesn't stand out socially in school and is always picked on by her bullies. She helps her father take care of their farm, where they house a few Miltank and Tauros - though business isn't exactly booming. However, a chance visit to a Pokemon Gym made her discover that she has the gifted talent to become a Pokemon Trainer, and that her Pokemon (soon evolved into an Emboar) at that time possesses a powerful Fire Punch that catches the attention of many. The two, however, are very new to the concept of Pokemon Battling and are normally pacifists, but with the help of their Gym Leader and the training he gives them, they will continue to grow stronger.

While comedy, romance, family and friendship are among the genres, the story will focus more on the battles and its fundamentals.

Also, if none of you thought about it already: yes, the story is inspired by Hajime no Ippo ;)

Kay Planer belong to me, but Emboar belongs to Nintendo

Also, I am still bad at designing clothes so her design here may not be the final version.

Fazz the Working Man

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 4:36 PM

Okay, so...

I've been dead.

And I don't know when I'll be coming back full-time considering the majority of my time is eaten away by work and more work.

Don't get me wrong! I like my job (and salary!), but I'm being invited to go to supervise this, supervise that; go to this event this, go to this event that - I literally only have less than six hours to spend at home on work days before I just collapse on my bed.

And in that time I either spend it preparing for work the next day, spend time with my siblings, or blast away giant insects online in Earth Defense Force 2025 (Hey, just because I'm a teacher doesn't mean I can't blow up sh*t in a video game).

I've seen people still sending me messages and I appreciate that, but I won't be able to respond to all of them yet. But I do feel bad about it so here's what I'll probably be suggesting:

- So I won't be accused of 'not using the characters borrowed to me' or 'holding them back because I've been inactive', it would probably be best that I simply let these characters go. These include characters such as Gem, Vida, Sammy, Chai, and anyone else I don't technically 'own' or 'have adopted' (though for the latter, if they want the characters back, just message me somewhere and I'll happily return them).

- In relation to that, when I DO get back, I may just create my own set of characters to replace those that will no longer be around (I mean, storyline-wise and all). Though I doubt they will have the same charm (because I didn't improved squat on designing characters), it's what I could do.

- For those people who I 'owe', please note me - work already has me writing things down on my calendar or notepad.

- Now on to the more creative side of things... I HAVE been thinking of writing a four-panel comic, but it would center around Abby and Xia, and not Iron Tail (sorry).

Okay, that's pretty much it. Sorry for the inactivity, but I am in good health and stuff like that!

If any of you own Earth Defense Force 2025 for the PS3 and want to hear my LOVELY voice, look me up.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What kind of person I am, I would have to go with what one friend of mine described me:

"A good guy when he needs to be; a harsh guy when necessary."

My little rule is simple: respect what I do, and I'll respect you back. I can be harsh sometimes, but rarely do I have any ill intentions behind it.

I'm an active online RolePlayer (RPer) who RPs for the sake of story and development, so I tend to be picky who my roleplaying partners are (usually aiming for the ones who can provide a memorable session or a style that fits with mine). I RP in various mediums, but most especially IRC since I can write as much as I want there. Also, I'm also a vivid gamer, and more often than not will go on maaaaaaany days of hiatus to focus on a game!

... because I'm the type of guy who can only focus on one thing at a time if I want to give 100% <_<;;

Oh, I'm also subjective to ideas/inspirations that pop right out of nowhere.

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