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October 16, 2012
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::The Destroyer:: by FazzEagle ::The Destroyer:: by FazzEagle
Name: Cheddar
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Villain
Once a minor ally to Iron Tail and his friends became one of their greatest nemesis', and the reason they lost him as a friend is a most peculiar one: 'love'! After falling madly (literally) in love with Hunter, the mad mouse decides to be on the side of evil simply for her whether she likes it or not. Not to mention he is proven to be capable of Magic Alchemy, enabling him to turn any inanimate objects that he can hold with both hands into explosives. He is not the most antagonistic, but he can potentially be one of the most dangerous. His love for the cruel Hunter can only be rivaled by his love for anything cheese, to which he takes on the name 'Cheddar' based on his favorite. No one knows what his actual background is - he keeps changing it for fun!


Obviously, the character's a big nod to Bean the Dynamite... because I just love that character for all his insane antics. Cheddar was first meant to be a character I've done for fun for Hunter, the character by =RockLeone, but just like Bracelet, I've started to like him because of his potential as a character. They say love is always a good thing, but Cheddar is proof that love can lead to dangerous things too, and shows that a character doesn't always find their true potential by only sticking with the good guys - the harsh life of being a villain got the mouse to reveal that he can use Magic Alchemy, which would be something Iron Tail and his friends probably wouldn't have found out.

His rival is Des, who is a complete opposite of her. Where she is quiet and protective, Cheddar is overly talkative and destructive. Everything about Cheddar is not clear because like Marvel character, Deadpool, his insanity creates different backgrounds so no one is sure where he actually comes from or what made him go insane. The most known is that he was a former assistant to an Alchemist but snapped after too much stress. Speaking of Deadpool, I think Cheddar also has a tendency to 'break the 4th wall', but only to the point that he realizes he's either a fictional character or seems to know things others aren't meant to.

"Iron Tail: You're crazy...!"

"Cheddar: Well, you're just a move (reference to Pokemon)!"

"Iron Tail: What...?"

"Cheddar: Nothing."

Everyone in his group pretty much dislikes him and finds him annoying, but Evil Tail himself would admit that if it wasn't for his insanity, he would have been a dangerous adversary because of his natural gifted ability to perform Magic Alchemy. One wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason Evil Tail keeps him or Hunter around!

Cheddar belongs to :iconfazzeagle:
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I love the lineart!^^
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Cute and destructive awesome combination :D
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if Mickey Mouse was insane and an alchemist, sure lol
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Maybe in a Creepy Pasta? XD
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He looks Cool
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